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Menopause and Hemorrhoids

Both men and woman commonly suffer from hemorrhoids. Cases become even more frequent by the time one reaches their 50s. Menopausal women are therefore often inflicted with hemorrhoids and their symptoms.


Many people may have hemorrhoids or piles, however not everybody suffers from any symptoms. Furthermore although bleeding during bowel movement is a common sign of hemorrhoids it is not a universal symptom. Hemorrhoid symptoms can include anal itching or swelling as well as hard lumps in the anal area. Bleeding or spotting during regular bowel movements.


There are various different methods used to treat the different types of hemorrhoids, such as internal, external hemorrhoids and thrombosed hemorrhoids. Natural and home remedies for hemorrhoids are growing in popularity among sufferers, especially those that contain natural essential oils. They are painless, unlike surgery and do not contain chemicals that could do harm. A change in diet, such as increasing the intake of fibre can further aid these natural remedies. Furthermore natural products will not interfere with any hormonal treatments being used by menopausal woman.


External hemorrhoids occur when they begin to protrude outside of the anus and body. They can also be known as protruding hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can cause anal pain, whilst sitting and especially during regular bowel movements. There might also be bleeding or spotting on the toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.


When blood clots form within the hemorrhoids they become known as thrombosed hemorrhoids or skin tags. These clots are created when a strangulation of the already inflamed veins occurs. Due to this strangulation they may appear to turn blue or purplish in colour, whilst the outer skin may be red and inflamed. Like external hemorrhoids there may be anal pain or itching, however it is quite rare for them to bleed.

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